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Want to know how the best leaders become so successful and how you can apply these tactics to grow your business and your career?

Brent FilsonHi, I’m Brent Filson and if you manage a team, a division or a company you know how hard it can be to get everyone working together, going in the same direction to achieve any kind of results much less to transform your company and make it one of the best in the country.

If you’re struggling with finding the right strategy and techniques to help your employees work more effectively to increase productivity, you’re not alone. You may have a few ideas you are using, but I bet it’s a patchwork of strategies at best. Want a leadership system instead? >>

No matter what product or service you provide, the biggest expense is the people you employee. They’re also the biggest barrier to success unless you know how to help them come together and take your company to the top.

If you want to learn how to motivate two, two hundred or two thousand people – Brent Filson knows the answer!"

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- Joseph Mancuso, CEO
Center for Entrepreneurial Management

What does every leader want to know?

Whether you lead two people, twenty people, two hundred people, two thousand or more, or you’re not even in a leadership position at the moment… and you’re serious about growing your business, you want to know the best way to make a difference in your job and at your company. Find out more about the Leadership Talk >>

You could get out the whip like the Romans did with their galleys, or you could read every book on leadership you can find – but what would you have? Would you have a proven system, one that’s guaranteed to help you increase your profits?

His two-day intensive is a winner!"

"Brent Filson's 'Three Trigger Motivational Process' makes the Leadership Talk all the more concrete. I keep and refer to the wallet card frequently to keep me on course.”

- Mark Goldman, Office of Career Development and Employee Work Life, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

There is a better way to lead your company!

For the past 25 years, I've been working worldwide with leaders in dozens of blue chip companies such as General Electric, Exelon, Sears, Southern Company and more (see the list on the right). I’ve helped put their organizations and their careers at the top. 

Want to make a difference at your company?

Discover the powerful leadership systems any leader can use to motivate employees to achieve results that can be measured, validated, translated into money saved/earned, and used as springboards for even better performance.

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"I’ve put Brent’s ideas to the test for over seven years and the work at both the tactical and the strategic level.”

-  Richard Brown, President & Global General Manager

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Your books are excellent!"

"You offer all sorts of intriguing ideas which I have not seen in any other books on the subject.  Each one is a must read.”

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