How to Multiply Your Company's Profits and Skyrocket Your Career

Leadership TalkDiscover a motivational strategy that thousands of Fortune 500 leaders have spent a fortune on learning - for less than $30.

Dear Frustrated Leader:

Do you feel like your organization is stagnating or falling behind? Are shareholders breathing down your neck, pressuring you for better performance?

Are your employees unfocused and uninspired? Wish you could flip a switch and revitalize their enthusiasm and interest in their work and success, rather than just the status quo?

Fact is, if you’re the leader of a company or organization, your mission -  your entire purpose -  is to get results. Or you won’t be a leader for long.

But how can you accomplish what you’ve been charged to do without a motivated team, willing to dedicate their time, talents and energy behind you?

Truth is, you can’t.

That is, unless you make a quantum change in the way you think about what it takes to be a great leader.

Think about how you’d feel about your career, your company, your future, if you found a way to turn your company on its head and generate unprecedented profits.

Think about how your Board, your stockholders, heck, your family would think about YOU

Imagine if you could double or triple your profits or your stock values without cleaning house, bringing in overpaid consultants, or investing millions of dollars to do it.

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Leading your team well takes more than canned presentations and conventional, yawn-inducing speeches from behind a podium once or twice a year. 

In fact, I’m going to insist that you stop giving presentations and speeches!

I’ve got a better way to get the job done.

All it’ll cost you is around $25 and a few hours of your attention.

This simple strategy allows you to lead and inspire anywhere, anytime, day in and day out.

Are internal company conflicts holding your company back from creating and reaching your goals?

You can say “no” to the status quo.  Chances are, most of your employees want to too. The good ones, anyway. 

Even the most highly trained personnel can be underachievers.  Why?

Sometimes they’re unfocused and uninspired.  Perhaps they are phenomenally successful one month, and struggling the next.   The key to continual success lies in motivation.  And the source of inspiration must come from YOU – the leader.

I’ve found a revolutionary way to help you turn even the most apathetic employee into your most productive cause leader and help you slow down, work less and get more results than you have ever achieved!

It is possible to unite your needs with the needs of the people you lead.

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The Leadership Talk – The Greatest Leadership Tool

In this book I leverage decades of my experience to bring you the methodologies that have been used successfully by leaders at AT&T, IBM, Merck, Sears Roebuck, The United Nations and many more.

Keep in mind: These methodologies are just as relevant whether you’re leading a global Fortune 500 company or a 10-person manufacturing operation.
You’ll discover not only what’s important about motivating people to get results, but precisely how to motivate people and keep them motivated day in and day out for ongoing success – the stuff great companies and legendary careers are built on.

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These Are Not Your Grandfather's Leadership Methods

Let’s get real.  The motivational methods that worked before simply do not work anymore. Why?

Globalization, competition and technology have changed everything you may have been taught years ago about leadership. And so must you if you want to achieve continually great results. 

The Leadership Talk gives you the practical, straightforward ideas you need to address the monumental shift in the minds of today’s employees and managers.

Salvage Your Career and Become an Industry Star!

Take a bold, risk-free action…99% of leaders do not know about The Leadership Talk. 

But now you are part of the 1% that does

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"Brent's Methodologies get results!"

"I’ve been using Brent Filson’s methodologies for more than seven years. And they get results! They not only get results on a tactical level but a strategic level too."

-Richard Brown
President & Global General Manager, Fortune 100 Company

So, Who is This Guy Brent Filson?

Sure, many people are calling themselves “leadership gurus” these days.  So let me reassure you that my leadership experience is real world, honed during my years as a Marine Corps rifle platoon commander. 

In the past 20 years of my civilian life, I have helped thousands of leaders in major companies worldwide achieve sizable and continual increases in results. 

I’ve been invited to speak at Columbia University, M.I.T., Wake Forest, Villanova and other universities, helping motivate the leaders of tomorrow.

"Intriguing ideas, bravo"

"“Your books are excellent! You offer all sorts of intriguing ideas which I have not seen in any other books on the subject. Bravo!"

-Richard Jacobs, Vice President of Executive Communications
The Prudential Insurance Company of America

A Powerhouse Resource for Under $25

Dry cleaning…a week of mocha lattes…how do you spend $25?  How about investing less than that in a tool that will undoubtedly boost both your career and your bottom line? 

At just $24.95, The Leadership Talk is a potent, powerhouse resource that covers:

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You Will Never Lead the Same Way Again

The exceptional book provides defining ways for transferring your motivation to the people you lead and having those people feel as strongly as you do about the challenges you face. 

These invaluable techniques and strategies are the product of my work with thousands of leaders of all ranks and functions worldwide for more than 20 years.  There is no other leadership book like this.

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Before you make a decision, which best describes you?

Leaders are not born, they are made.  And I am on a crusade to bring The Greatest Leadership Tool to everyone. 

Whether you work for a small company or a large corporation…whether you need to address the competition or appease your shareholders, The Leadership Talk will prove to be a priceless resource you’ll refer to again and again.

Transform Yourself And Your Team For Less Than $25. 

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Brent Filson

Brent Filson
Founder & President
The Filson Leadership Group, Inc.

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